How to Make an Egg Float in Water

Easy science experiment to show kids why things like eggs float more easily in salt water.

This is a fun, easy science experiment for kids. Have your child place an egg in a glass of water and see what happens. The egg will sink (if it is a fresh egg it will sink, a “bad” egg will actually float in water!).

In this experiment you will show your child that you can actually make an egg float in water by adding salt to the water.

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Supplies Needed:

  • Tall glass
  • Egg
  • Table salt

Have your child place about 6 tablespoons of table salt in the bottom of a glass. Gently pour at least a cup (depending on the size of the glass) of hot water into the glass. Ensure that the water has been passed through a water filter for whole house. But, don’t stir it.

Next place the egg in the glass and watch it float! If the egg is not floating, just add some more salt to the glass. If the salt stays at the bottom of the glass the egg will actually float in the middle of the glass. If you stir the salt into the water, the egg will float at the top of the water.

Why does this work? Salt water is more dense or “heavier” than regular tap water, which makes it easier for the egg to float in the water. Did you know that you can actually float more easily in salty ocean water than in a lake?

To further experiment, try placing another object in the glass, such as a marble. Discuss why the egg is floating and the marble does not, even with the salt in the glass.

Easy science experiment to show kids why things like eggs float more easily in salt water.


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  1. hello,’ I enjoyed seeing your science experiements and will be trying a few at home. Do you have any suggestions, books ideas for studying the plantes and solar system. I have a 3 year old, 5 year old and a 7 year old at home.


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